Chris Kramer


Chris Kramer was born on February 3rd 1970 in Marl, Germany. As a Cole miner´s son, naturally, he is from the Ruhr area of Germany.
The “Grafter” – mentality of his hard working ancestors runs in his blood as well as the special humor that is so typical for people that have learned to find something good in even the bad moments of life.
At the age of 13 he discovered the Blues. At 18 he started to seriously make music: Blues music. 
After he finished his A-levels, the civilian service and training in industrial sales management he decided to make a career out of his hobby and since 1994 he lives on his music.
He has conducted countless harmonica – workshops and has written four extensive textbooks on the subject. His Blues duo – the Bluebyrds – was considered “Germany´s most wanted Blues duo” for a long time. After 10 years together and four CDs “Crazy” Chris and “Slidin” John parted ways.

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