Sussan Deyhim


Sussan Deyhim is a multiple-award-winning Iranian composer, vocalist and performance artist. Her oeuvre is a provocative and experimental mix of Middle Eastern and Western sensibilities, combining extended vocal techniques, digital process and ancient mysticism. She is also known for her contributions of film soundtracks including “The Last Temptation of Christ” and “Any Given Sunday,” as well as high-profile collaborations with musicians such as Branford Marsalis, Peter Gabriel, Jerry Garcia and Arto Lindsay and international tours with Bill Laswell, Bobby McFerrin and Ornette Coleman, among others. She is a frequent participant at humanitarian events and benefits. Her latest album is “City of Leaves.”

Her recorded composition Windfall/Beshno Az Ney was recently used by U2 throughout the US and Europe in “U2s 360 Tour,” one of the largest scale rock tours to this day. Beshno Az Ney is an intro to U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday” in a solidarity number with Iran’s Green movement.

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